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To ensure the maximum performance of all its products, Bell Lighting has designed, developed and built a Data Acquisition Booth. Partly funded by the National Research Council of Canada, this test chamber was created with the support of Dr. Colin Bradley of the Engineering Faculty at the University of Victoria.

All of the hardware used in our testing laboratory is certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. We are currently pursuing an ISO 9002 and Schedule 25 quality certification for our testing facility, giving Bell Lighting International Laboratory accreditation for our Data Acquisition Booth.

The Data Acquisition Booth has the ability to collect radiometric, photometric (intensity levels in foot-candle or lux), and spectral readings from any light source.

In addition to testing in our own facilities, all of Bell's fixtures have been tested at independent laboratories that adopt the IES protocol. These IES results are used in commonly available lighting programs to give our clients accurate placement of the lighting fixtures and complete light level grids. With Bell Lighting's products, end users know exactly how much light they will receive for the money invested.

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