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[ IES Photometric Tests ]


IES photometric testing is an approved method for measuring the luminous flux and intensity of luminaires containing high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

  • The IES Photometrics Tables are in graphical format.
  • The IES Test Reports are provided in Adobe Acrobat format (*.PDF).  To view these files, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To upgrade to the latest version, select the button below.
  • The Raw IES Test Data has also been provided for those customers who have the software to use it (compatible with most lighting software)

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Click on the links below to view the document you desire.

Metal Halide Bulbs IES Photometrics Table IES Test Report
(20k each)
Raw IES Test Data
(2k each)
250 Watt mh-250.htm 250mh-c8642.pdf 250mh-c8642.ies
400 Watt mh-400.htm 400mh-c8643.pdf 400mh-c8643.ies
1000 Watt
(with pinhead obscure glass)
mh-1000.htm 1000mh-pinhead-c8901.pdf 1000-pinhead-c8901.ies
1000 Watt Compact mh-1000-compact.htm 1000mh-compact-c8562.pdf 1000mh-compact-c8562.ies

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High Pressure Sodium Bulbs IES Photometrics Table IES Test Report
(20k each)
Raw IES Test Data
(2k each)
400 Watt hps-400.htm 400hps-c8742.pdf 400hps-c8742.ies
600 watt hps-600.htm 600hps-c8852.pdf 600hps-c8852.ies
1000 Watt hps-1000.htm 1000hps-c8641.pdf 1000hps-c8641.ies

If you would like to save the IES Test Reports, click the Save icon on the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar (after selecting the file name from above so it is loaded).

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