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Independent Controlled Test  
University of B.C.  
Department of Agriculture  

An independent controlled test carried out by the University of British Columbia Department of Agriculture was conducted to compare the yield of bell peppers grown under lights manufactured by P.L. Lighting Systems and Bell Lighting fixtures.

Summary of results (view full report below for details)

  • P.L. 400w HPS light:
    • Produced 1 bell pepper per plant approx. 1.5 diameter
    • Weak plants, sparse foliage
  • BL LF400w HPS fixture
    • Produced 4-5 bell peppers per plant approx. 3.5 diameter
    • Healthy, strong plants.
  • (Note: The BL LF250w fixtures, in equal numbers to the P.L. 400w fixtures, produced the same yield as the P.L. fixtures while consuming 37.5% less energy).

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[ Comparison of pepper plants grown under PL and Bell Lighting Fixtures ]
Bell Lighting LF 400 pepper plant (left) compared to PL 400 pepper plant (right) after eight weeks of treatment.

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