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Advanced technology and innovative thinking of a Canadian engineering team have driven the science of artificial lighting well into the future.

Bell Lighting's story began when the founders Dale and Karen Bellavance, saw the need for highly efficient HID light fixtures. After extensive research into the lighting industry they concluded that hundreds of man-hours and many thousands of research dollars had been spent on the development of high performance, multi-spectrum, energy efficient light bulbs. Yet the technology of the fixture itself had lagged far behind the intensive lighting capabilities of the HID bulb in collecting and delivering the light to a given area.

Since 1993, when the founders first established the goal of developing the world's most efficient HID lighting fixture, independently tested in 4 countries around the world, Bell Lighting Technologies Inc. has been on the leading edge of innovative design and advanced production techniques.

Bell Lighting has further enhanced its leading position in HID light delivery by signing Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) agreement's with Venture Lighting Power Systems, Philips Lighting, and OSRAM Sylvania.

Bell Lighting occupies a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facility in Victoria, Canada. Within this facility we manufacture innovative products for distribution throughout Canada, the United States and a rapidly increasing number of other countries throughout the world.

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