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Bell Lighting Technologies values the users of our product and does everything possible to ensure they are getting the highest of quality light fixtures currently available. We pride ourselves on the performance of all the fixtures we manufacture and sell, and have received the following praise from our customers. This is just a small sample of the opinions sent back to us:

"After identifying a need at Integris Metals to improve the lighting over our SPV Processing Station, I contracted Bell Lighting to help find a cost-effective solution to this problem. The solution was to replace our existing light fixtures with new LF Series light fixtures from Bell.

The new lighting fixtures were a 200 percent improvement in overall light output. This provided us with the required lighting to inspect aluminium sheets for minor scratches prior to applying the SPV coating on the sheets. This has greatly improved our quality control for this Processing Station.

We are now looking at replacing the majority of our existing light fixtures over all our Processing Stations with new light fixtures from Bell Lighting."

Colin Bethune, Operations Manager
Integris Metals Ltd. , Vancouver, British Columbia

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"Facilities that are using this new type of lighting design on a fixture, which is more of a square pattern on the work surface rather than a round pattern, are finding that they are able to use fewer fixtures and provide increased light levels because the fixtures push more of the light down to that work surface. What this does for the end user is it reduces their operating and maintenance costs, it reduces the overall demand of the facility in energy and thereby reduces their electricity costs."

Rick Chalker, Commercial Industrial Account Manager
Florida Power & Light

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"Using Bell light fixtures, we were immediately able to see we had electrical savings. We were also immediately able to see we had reduced numbers of parts to sort for any kind of a defect and our employees reported to us from the first day that they liked the lighting and the better environment created for them."

Bob Peymen, President
Colonial Engineering Inc., Ft. Pierce, Florida

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"We are a specialist plug producer, and because the nature of plug production calls for such a high density of plugs per square feet, even light distribution is critical for us. If every plant doesn't get equal treatment, then our customers will have a very difficult time growing crops with even consistency. That's why I was very happy with the performance of the Bell Lighting HID lights.

Not only were we able to measure even light distribution across our benches, more importantly, our customers were very happy with their results."

Tim Wada, President
The Plug Connection, Alta, California

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