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Are Bell Lighting's fixtures cost effective?

Testing and actual installation have proven that a Bell Lighting fixtures can deliver as much as three times the amount of light delivered by our competitors' parabolic fixture (using the identical lamp, ballast and connected load. (Please refer to these diagrams for clarification). In other words, you require three of the competitor's fixtures to do what we can often do with one Bell Lighting fixture, thereby reducing electrical consumption, installation and maintenance costs by up to two thirds.

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Are Bell Lighting's products environmentally friendly?

In all aspects of Bell Lighting's operations every effort is made to make a positive contribution to the environment. Our goal is to understand the environmental impact of all current and future models as to:

  • create "zero waste" manufacturing processes;
  • minimize electrical consumption;
  • simplify and reduce packaging and labelling;
  • use recycled and recyclable materials whenever possible;
  • Source commodities from green thinking companies like ourselves

There is also minimal environmental impact from our trademarked powder-coating material, which is made from one of Mother Nature's most basic minerals.

No oils or solvents are used in the blending of our powder or in the preparation of the fixture for the powder-coating procedure. Nor is there any release of harmful vapors or gases during the application or baking process.

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Are Bell Lighting's fixtures durable?

Bell Lighting fabricates all luminaires from 100% rustproof, ISO 9000, 5052 MARINE ALUMINIUM. In addition, the powder-coating material used is completely anti-bacterial and highly resistant to impact damage, discoloration from ultraviolet/infrared (UV/IR) light or material breakdown as a result of corrosive materials, guaranteeing decades of reliable service.

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Will Bell Lighting's fixtures save us valuable time?

Bell Lighting's fixtures are completely ready to use; the only installation required is to simply attach the supplied mounting and power up hardware. The fixtures are delivered completely pre-wired, tested, fully assembled including a mounting system and a 1.6m pigtail. Because the end user will have fewer fixtures, they will also save time and money on maintenance for years to come.

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Are there further benefits?

Bell Lighting continues to research ways to deliver the correct levels of light at the correct spectrum for the task at hand.

Provision of high quality, healthy lighting will decrease employee absenteeism, reduce the number of rejected parts and increase productivity. In horticultural applications, expect greater yields and reduced cycle times.

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